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My experience with Book Setup

I have set up two of my seven book titles to sell on Data Stream World.
After a simple log in set up, the site remembers me without having to type in details every time.
Very user friendly and easy for authors to follow the clear steps.
Easy to navigate between folders to check on what was written elsewhere,
Note that the first ‘alternative text’ box needs to describe the image with detail as to a blind person.
Pretty excited to be a part of this new system.

Liberating Books

We aim to be the best choice for self-published authors to gain an audience for their books.

More to come …

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Let’s Hear Your Ideas

A cactus flower
Too briefly beautiful

As Bex has suggested, this is an area for general comments. I’m on a learning curve, never having set up this kind of website before. I’ll try to respond quickly to your suggestions, but I may need to do some research on occasion.

I have now given Bex a role on the website so she can set up new topics like this one. If any of the Mothers’ Group would like similar, please send me an email. Anyone can post a comment (comments are moderated).