Liberating authors-books


Another way to Distribute My Book

You’ve done all that work writing your book.  You’ve published it yourself or paid a publisher, but it hasn’t sold.  What to do? Well, here’s a new distribution channel. A new way of liberating books…  The Author Direct Bookshop.

Here’s how it all started …

A Stream of Children’s Stories

Street artist drawing of Avery and Aria, Alexandra Tesoriero's children.
Avery and Aria in Sydney

To paraphrase a Chinese saying, every journey starts with a single step. Also, every stream has a source. For our stream, the source is the stories of Alexandra Tesoriero.

Alexandra died too young and left some stories as a legacy to her children, with a fervent request to a friend to see the stories published. We are part of the fulfilment of that wish.

An Evolving Company

Data Stream has a history as an Australian IT development business and will continue in that role. However, we now plan to be a distributor for self-published authors and authors seeking a further sales channel.

Initially the distribution will be direct to the customer from the author.  At the author’s discretion, there will be an offer to receive a signed copy of the book.

Liberating books is our mission and this is just the beginning.  Authors, come and join us with your ideas and energy!