Molly Moo from Mollymook
by Sue Hays



A soft cover A4 landscape illustrated children’s story about a lonely orphan calf who finally finds happiness.  Contains over a dozen beautifully illustrated double page spreads of story and pictures.

ISBN: 978-0-646-49647-4
Publisher: Sue Hays
Illustrator: Kay Barber
Seller: Data Stream Pty Limited
Seller ABN: 25 001 659 178


Molly Moo is the true story of a lonely orphan calf who finally found happiness with a dear old cow named Sassafras.

Sue Hays has spent a lifetime teaching young children and has a special interest in early language. The writer and illustrator of Molly Moo are old friends who live near the farm where the calf was born.  When they heard of her sad start in life and met Molly Moo, they felt compelled to tell her tale.

Additional Information

Weight220 g
Dimensions21 × 30 × .4 cm


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